MOMS Program

MOMS is the Marion & Polk Obstetric Mentoring Service. MOMS is a peer mentor program designed to help pregnant women who struggle with substance use disorders. Women are supported in the MOMS program from engagement through 6 months post-partum.

MOMS Plus is an extension program for mothers with a history of, or at risk for, substance use disorder who may benefit from peer mentor support.

Each team is built around the pregnant woman or mother and includes a team of peer mentors and a supervisor with clinical support and resources as needed. This team meets to develop an individualized plan which will address specific areas to focus on during the member’s time with the program. Members will be given support and tools they need to help make gradual and sustainable changes.
The mentors are women with shared life experiences who have overcome life hurdles similar to the enrollees. This gives them a unique perspective when providing assistance and emotional support. They know what members are going through, because they have been there. The shared experiences helps build trust with the members.

Who is eligible? MOMS and MOMS Plus are available to women enrolled in PacificSource Community Solutions in Marion and Polk Counties. Involvement with either program is strictly on a voluntary basis.
How Does This Program Help? The mentors assist patients in many ways including the following:

• Finding and receiving early prenatal and post-partum care

• Learning how to navigate the health care system

• Helping women to build and maintain a healthy family

• Assuring that children are in a safe, stable, and drug and alcohol free home

• Introducing women to the recovery community, treatment services and mental health professionals when necessary

• Assisting in housing, education, employment, transportation and other needed services

• Developing a personal plan to stay clean and sober during and after pregnancy

• Connecting with parenting and mother-infant care and bonding programs

• Connecting with support groups

• Choosing a family planning method

How to refer to the program: If you have a patient in need of additional support during pregnancy or following a pregnancy, contact the Program Director Debbie Hall, CDAC I:

Debbie Hall
Phone: 503-967-1176 or

MOMS and MOMS Plus Brochure