Emergency Department Intervention Team

EDIT is the Emergency Department Intervention Team. EDIT helps people learn when to go to their Primary Doctor and when to use the Emergency Department. EDIT has a mentor and a supervisor who help patients. The EDIT team also has access to clinical resources as needed.
Each EDIT team is made up of a mentor, healthcare providers, a supervisor and you. The team works with you to make a list of areas to focus on. You will be given support and tools to make healthy choices. The goal is to make healthy, lasting changes.

The mentors have had problems like yours and can help and give you support. They know what you are going through, because they have been there. They will start by meeting with you every week to help you find the services you need.

Your mentor can address the fears and medical questions you may have and will also help coordinate your healthcare with your doctors.

Who is eligible? EDIT is open to all PacificSource Community Solutions patients with 3 ER visits in 3 months, 6 ER visits in 6 months or those who you as a provider feel would benefit from this peer mentor program.
How does this program help? The goal of this program is to help you be healthy and know how to be part of your healthcare. The EDIT team will help you fill your healthcare “tool box”. This includes learning:

• How to use the medical system
• When to see your doctor and when to go to the Emergency Room
• About your strengths and abilities
• How to build and keep a healthy lifestyle
• How to find the right care at the right place, at the right time
• How to find specialty care when you need it
• How to find mental healthcare and/or addiction treatment if you need it
• How to find other services to help you stay healthy. This might be housing, education, jobs or other community services.

To refer a patient contact the program supervisor Debbi Hall, CADC

Debbi Hall, CADC
Phone: 506-967-1176
Fax: 503-581-7417
Email: dhall@mvipa.org

EDIT Brochure