In 2001, at the request of then Oregon Governor, John Kitzhaber, M.D., WVP Health Authority incorporated its first health plan. Marion Polk Community Health Plan (MPCHP), LLC, was a Fully Capitated Health Plan contracted with the State of Oregon to offer Medicaid benefits through the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) in Marion and Polk counties. MPCHP OHP provided Medicaid benefits through local administration, customer service and claims payment to over 50,000 Oregon Health Plan enrollees.

In August of 2012 WVP Health Authority joined with 11 other community partners to form Willamette Valley Community Health, a Coordinated Care Organization that covers the Medicaid patients in Marion & Polk counties. WVCH now provides Medicaid benefits to over 100,000 Health plan enrollees. We are happy to serve this population and provide value added services such as MOMs and EDIT mentoring, discharge planning, coordinating prenatal care for expecting mothers and ensuring enrollees with chronic conditions have access to needed care.

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