About Us


The mission of WVP Health Authority is to preserve and promote the wise use of health resources in Marion and Polk Counties, enhance the ability of physicians to act as patient’s advocates, and assure a sound and ethical business environment that promotes flexibility and the pursuit of appropriate opportunities.


WVP Health Authority began as Capitol Health Care Physicians in 1976. The organization first acted as the provider panel for the Capitol Health Care HMO. To establish greater independence, in September of 1991 the association changed the name to MVIPA by restating its articles of incorporation. At the same time, the IPA hired a staff member and began contracting with additional carriers.

To ensure a common brand among health care providers, clinics, health plans and other entities, the organization underwent an identity and rebranding process. The association changed its name to WVP Health Authority and opened a new headquarters in 2010. WVP worked with CB|Two Architects, CB|Two Construction and TS Construction Management to build a 22,000 square foot building that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness of space, while optimizing working relationships between departments. Employees moved into the LEED certified building on October 18, 2010. The new innovative brand and modern facility reflects who WVP Health Authority is now and will be well into the future.

Today, the association has approximately 530 members practicing primary and specialty care serving Salem, Santiam, Silverton, and West Valley hospitals. The WVP Health Authority contracts with more than 10 insurance carriers and includes commercial, Medicare, and Oregon Health Plan.


  • Manuel Rivera, Executive Director
  • Dean Andretta, CFO
  • Dr. Greg Fraser, CMIO

Board Members

  • Dr. Ryan Kirkpatrick
  • Dr. Jasmin Chaudhary
  • Dr. Tim Peters
  • Dr. Elana Fedor
  • Dr. Bruce Johnson
  • Dr. Robert Zirschky (President)
  • Dr. Vincent Koletar
  • Dr. William Peffley
  • Dr. Robert Larson
  • Dr. Thu Vu